Introducing Tepandine - 'teppanyaki' grills

You will be amazed!


Our incredibly versatile range includes:

Tepandine revolutionizes cooking in the home with a unique range of stunning designed teppanyaki-inspired Cooktops that combine precision German design engineering with patented 'shallow dip' technology. Tepandine teppanyaki cook top products have a wide range of unique features, benefits and applications making them totally unique:

Tepandine 'teppanyaki' cooktop grills creates a new and interactive approach to cooking allowing  chef enthusiasts to express themselves and now your family and friends can cook together at home, indoors, outdoors or on a boat. Tepandine eliminates those multiple trips to the kitchen, with pots and pans becoming a thing of the past; simply prepare the ingredients and start cooking.

Manufactured in Munich, Germany, the patented technology allows the stainless steel to expand and form a shallow dip when the product is turned on. This technological magic prevents the run off of cooking juices and enables a wide variety of culinary styles and dishes to be enjoyed. Tepandine suits every occasion and brings out the fun and enjoyment that comes from the aromas, colors, sounds and tastes of good, fresh cooking.

Tepandine products are user friendly and very easy to clean. All you need is a sponge and water completely eliminating time spent scrubbing and scouring pots and pans and enabling you to spend more time enjoying a great meal with products that complement modern homes and designs.

Tepandine products combine a sleek contemporary design with the highest quality German food grade stainless steel which is silk brushed.