The History and Evolution of Teppanyaki

Tepandine products represent the next great development in teppanyaki style cooking and dining. Teppanyaki is a traditional Japanese cooking method where an iron griddle is used to cook food. The literal translation of teppanyaki is ‘iron plate’ (Teppan) ‘grilled’ (yaki).

The true origins of teppanyaki are shrouded in mystery. Some believe that it first began 200 years where families would prepare the food together on small grills. Other sources suggest that teppanyaki cooking started in the southern Japanese port town of Kobe at the beginning of the 20th century, where the fresh local fish and sea food would be displayed and cooked in front of the customers. Whatever the true origin, the cooking style of teppanyaki is well known and loved throughout the world.

The Japanese teppanyaki restaurant chain ‘Misono’ first tapped into the commercial potential of teppanyaki cooking in 1945. ‘Misono’ became world famous when local chefs paired entertainment with food in juggling condiments and creating ‘flaming onion volcanoes’ a popular dish at many teppanyaki restaurants today.

North America was the first country outside of Japan to embrace the new teppanyaki style. Renowned Japanese wrestler Hiroaki "Rocky" Aoki opened the first ‘Benihana’ teppanyaki restaurant in 1954 in New York City which received rave reviews. Food critics had never before enjoyed Japanese food whilst at the same time watching knife-wielding chefs tell jokes chop and juggle at the same time. There are now over 80 Benihana teppanyaki restaurants around the globe and the teppanyaki experience has been enjoyed by millions.

Tepandine now brings this excitement right into people’s homes as the world’s number one teppanyaki product specialists. Tepandine makes teppanyaki cooking easy and accessible whether indoors or outdoors. Cooking on Tepandine is fast, easy to clean, and a fun and exciting way to cook and entertain. Tepandine’s patented technology uses safe electric energy instead of gas which allows the teppanyaki experience to be more suited to the home.

We at Tepandine wanted a product that broadens and enhances the cooking applications of Teppanyaki. This has now been achieved with Tepandine’s patented technology which causes the stainless steel cooking center to expand and form a shallow dip. Now sauces and marinades can be prepared allowing hundreds of dishes to be created and enjoyed. With this technology, Tepandine hot plates can still perform with the traditional function of a teppanyaki grill whilst being a far more versatile, practical and innovative appliance. Now teppanyaki is yours at home with Tepandine.